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  1. After seeing CODEPINK at the Brennan Hearing today, I sent Senator Feinstein an email, suggesting that she would get more accurate and useful information from you than from Mr. CIA Brennan.

  2. Peter Leinau said:

    FYI California Democratic Party passed a strong anti-drone resolution at the state convention Sunday 4-14-2013. See resolution text at and note that Democratic Party State Chairman John Burton is one of the authors. I am hopeful (as one of the co-authors) that this can be a part of a mainstream push back by the Democratic Party members AND leadership against both drones and extra-judicial assassinations. Best wishes for us all!

  3. Arik Beagley said:

    Your efforts are in vain… I’m very pleased to say that the US Army UAV program only keeps expanding, and this is the way of the future. You can’t stop progress. You can’t stop drones.

  4. Dustin Jackson said:

    The protests that I have seen during my time serving at Beale AFB, CA have been largely inefficient and often more of a nuisance than anything. Often, I have seen protesters talking about explosives such as machine guns, rockets, and missiles. I’m not if they are just misinformed or dumb, there are no aircraft with any mounted explosive devices at Beale AFB. The drones that are stationed there are RQ-4 Global Hawks, which have what are basically cameras, which are not taking images while in the United States. Please take these protests to other places where it actually makes sense. I am all for ceasing the killing of innocent people by joystick, but there is a right way and a wrong way to demonstrate. In my experience, your group is doing it the wrong way. Stop harassing our men and women in uniform, and start targeting politicians and bureaucrats.

  5. Bill said:

    US Navy Vet. Not a fan of drones. Just stumbled across your site. Took some quick notes while freethinking off the top of my head.

    Real Time Drone Location- Like weather radar. Satellites probably won’t have the resolution. But, what if they did? Is weather radar provided by satellites? I don’t know. Is it possible?

    Sender location and receiver location. Might be FCC legal to receive broadcast frequencies? Need frequency specific antenna or spectrum analyzer. Even that wouldn’t locate the receiver. What frequency do drones operate off of? Could distributed networks, i.e. SETI Project, be used? Participants might need assistance acquiring antenna or analyzer.

    I’m in my 50’s. I need glasses in order to see the things I need to see to keep me and others safe while driving. Some car companies have installed infra-red technology to help identify, and be aware of, whatever might be ahead of us. I believe that technology has the ability to help us identify, and be aware of, whatever might be lurking above us. That technology needs to be made available to the general public.

  6. Rana Junaid Ahmed said:

    Hi guys, I am doing research on ‘Drone Attacks in Pakistan’, need your help with the statistics and timeline,
    please help me in the task , I’m really committed about the issues.

  7. I love my country “the USA” but drones I do not

  8. We’ll take what you are saying into consideration.

  9. Well, we’ll continue to resist.

  10. Ok… What exactly do you need help with?

  11. Glad to hear that.

  12. That’s wonderful to hear.

  13. Well, thanks for sharing this. We hope that it will have some effect.

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