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William McGuinness | The Huffington Post

Josh Begley will tweet every drone strike.  [Click here to watch his interview on Russia Today]

Josh Begley will tweet every drone strike. [Click here to watch his interview with Alyona Minkovski]

Sometime around 9:30 on Monday night, Josh Begley, a New York University graduate student, got fed up and began tweeting times, dates and casualty counts for every drone strike the United States has ordered. He’s tweeting the drone strike history from DroneStream, an account he created.

Originally, Drones+, an iPhone app of Begley’s design, was intended to send a notification to users every time the U.S. ordered a drone strike. Apple rejected the app three times — twice for technical reasons, and once for objectionable or crude content.

Wired explained Apple’s response in August:

Begley is about at his wits end over the iOS version of Drones+. “I’m kind of back at the drawing board about what exactly I’m supposed to do,” Begley said. The basic idea was to see if he could get App Store denizens a bit more interested in the U.S.’ secretive, robotic wars, with information on those wars popping up on their phones the same way an Instagram comment or retweet might. Instead, Begley’s thinking about whether he’d have a better shot making the same point in the Android Market.

[See what it could be]

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Philip Caufield | New York Daily News

NYU grad student Josh Begley’s Drone+ app sent users an alert everytime U.S. drone strikes were reported.

A crafty NYU grad student created a killer iPhone app that sends an alert  every time a U.S. drone strike kills a terrorist – but Apple nuked it.

Josh Begley’s Drone+ app used media reports to track drone casualties and  even featured a handy Google map pinpointing the sites where American Hellfire  missiles found their targets.

Apple rejected the app on Monday – for the third time this summer – saying  it contained “objectionable” content, Wired reported.

“We found that your app contains content that many audiences would find  objectionable, which is not in compliance with the App Store guidelines,” the  company said in an email to Begley.

In an earlier letter, Apple said the drone-tracking app was rejected because  it was too boring.

Begley said he was a little miffed at the decision, since the app doesn’t  publish pictures of the strikes’ fiery aftermaths. Read More